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    In my country this tablet (HP TOUCHPAD 16GB WI-FI) is at the half price of ipad2 16 gb wifi. I wan't to ask some details before i got this tablet.

    I will use it generally for business and connectivity, mails and office programs are prio for me. Also I would like to ask you about its facebook, twitter capabilities, if webos has any native app for these or can we use something like ubersocial.

    And the last thing is I heard that HP stopped webos tablet support so this devices will never get any software update.

    I will be glad if you answer these questions and add something more .
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    l3ittersweet, Take a look at the app and preware catalog and get a feel for the business apps. That's where I'd start if I was on a budget, but wanted a tablet for work, if that's going to be your primary use.
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    You plug your phone in?
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    Best bet is to get a 32 gig model. Doesn't cost much more and the extra storage is essential if you end up watching movies while commuting. Mine was 166 from eBay, included a case and is in as-new condition. It dual boots Android ICE and WebOS so I have the best of both worlds, and has none of the locked in restrictions of IOS, which proved to be a deal breaker for me (I sent my iPad back).

    WebOS is very slick but hasn't got the app support of IOS or Android, and the Andriod expierience is a little disjointed. However, you are free ti use your tablet any way you fit. You own it. With IOS the inverse is true.
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