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    I got a notice last night that updates were available for the App Catalog, QuickOffice and a couple other apps, so I had it download and install them. After they were all updated, later I was watching TV and got a notice, and the speakers were scratchy again; when this happens (too often, I'm afraid), I just reboot, pressing the power and center buttons, and it all comes back fine, with the speakers clear again. Well, they sounded fine, and I was just using the browser, so I didn't notice anything odd, but this morning when I wanted to check Accu-Weather, I found that ALL of my downloaded apps are gone! My personal files, photos, settings, etc. are still here, just no apps!

    Will a restore put them all back? I haven't done one (haven't needed to!), so I'm not even sure how to do it. Or do I just need to figure out what all apps I had and download them again?

    Bummed ...
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    strange. Check software manager. If nothing there, reboot and thrn check it again. Otherwise check your last backup date and if recent, then do a restore.
    good luck.

    for speakers, i make a skype call and hang up as soon as i press dial, it seems to work instantly

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