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    Ok so my touchpad fell from about 10 inches off the ground and landed screen first and has some cracks in it.

    In this picture, the RED represents a crack that seems to be ''underneath'' the screen. I.e. I cannot feel the crack when I slide my fingers over it and the touchpad still scrolls and everything fine. The bigger cracks in the upper left I CAN feel with my finger but luckily they arent on the actual part of the screen where you touch.

    Really, the thing functions fine but I cannot help cringing everytime I see these cracks and I don't know if they are going to get worse.

    I guess my question is:

    -How can I get this repaired? (I have very little expertise in opening electronics so I'd rather pay someone)
    -How much would something like this cost to fix?>
    -Is it even worth it to fix? Or should I just be happy that it still functions and deal with the cosmetic damage?
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    Hello, I live in Italy A few months ago my touchpad has slipped from the hands of my nephew and the outer glass is broken so similar to yours but with well over half of the surface damage. The glass in some places was dangerous to touch it with your fingers and then I had to change it. I have searched the web a guide explaining how to open the touchpad. I followed to the letter and I managed to remove the glass. It is not difficult but it takes patience and composure. In an hour you can make the whole process of dismantling. I used a kitchen knife with a very thin blade to open the touch pad and a small electronic screwdriver to remove the inner shield that is placed behind the glass. Then I have a lot of patience with low-cut pieces of broken glass and debris are cleaned from the glass housing containing the glass. Once this is done on I ordered a new glass touchpad for about $ 54 and send it to me Sojo made in Italy. When I arrived rimkntato kl everything. To paste the new glass in his room I used the adhesive that was left, but if you want you can put back. The result was more than satisfactory. The only difference is that the nuovo glass is projecting a little more than the original but very little.

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