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    I sent in a dead 32GB touchpad (a customer's, not my own thankfully) for repair. The repair itself was easily arranged, the shipping box came the next day, and I got the touchpad back pretty quickly (maybe 5 days later).

    I examined the touchpad and discover it is the same touchpad, it's been repaired. This is great I think, as it seemed like a very good example of the species except for the whole being dead thing. The screen fits properly into the case, it has the re-enforced lip under the USB port, and what seems like thicker plastic around the speaker ports (hard to tell for sure).

    Shortly after setting it up, I discovered that the speakers didn't work any more. Headphone audio fine, jack detection fine, just no sound from speakers.

    Then during my webos support chat to get it sent back AGAIN, I happened to look in Device Info to re-confirm the Serial Number really is the same as before. Then I see "Memory: 16GB". ***?! The part number of the TouchPad is still the same 32GB part number, but the mainboard has been replaced with a 16GB mainboard!

    I guess a working 16GB touchpad with dead speakers is somewhat better than a dead 32GB touchpad, but not quite good enough.

    Off it went to HP again yesterday... we'll see what happens.
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    (Maybe they'll stuff a 64gb Board in it this time... Sshhh!)

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    got the TouchPad back this morning, still appears to be the same touchpad (same s/n, same appearance).

    the speakers work fine now, BUT it's still only 16GB.

    I'm really torn on what to do now. the diminished storage won't make any difference at all to the client, as they're using it for a single purpose (running splashtop to "tabletize" a windows data entry app for use on the shop floor), and their other two touchpads are only 16GB anyway.

    they've been without this one for over 3 weeks now, so it seems silly to make them wait longer for a fix that won't make any difference to them.... nonetheless, they paid for a 32GB touchpad.
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    I contacted webos support again, and suggested that my client would keep the 16GB touchpad in exchange for some accommodation(s), such as an extended warranty (it was a refurb with only 90 day warranty), and maybe an accessory such as a touchstone. the rep escalated my case to a "specialist team", and I am awaiting their call in the next day or two. we shall see what happens...
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    I forgot to update this, if anyone is reading and wonders what the outcome was...

    after about 4 days, someone from the "specialist team" called me and said the only thing that can be done is to send the touchpad in again and hope they get it right this time. I tried to explain again that the client was tired of waiting for their touchpad to be fixed properly, and would accept the 16GB touchpad to save everyone a lot of trouble in exchange for some small gift like some extra warranty coverage or some accessory, but the guy said nothing like that could be done.

    why did I need to wait 4 days for the "specialist team" to do absolutely nothing?

    so I called the client and they said just forget about it.
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    Guess I should be glad I got mine back in one piece. ;-)

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    Geez... they are selling the TouchPad covers for $4.99 right now - I don't see why they couldn't throw that and/or a charger in. That sux.

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