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    you never know what will pop up on woot, great site!
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    Quote Originally Posted by woosh View Post
    Well, I think they decided to sell them on a Sunday, figuring more people would be home to look at them repeatedly, and they could sell them for more money than on a weekday.
    When it was all done, Woot sold 1,531 32GB touchpads with slip case at 260 shipped. I don't believe they sold out.
    They didn't. They did sell out the first time they offered them a few months ago -- someone in the Woot thread said 4,500 sold back then at $220, but those were refurbs. Hopefully they don't show up again for $250 as a WootOff Killer
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    Hi everyone.
    Just ordered mine from Woot!
    Can't wait to get it.
    This was the first time they've had them at the same time I had a few bucks to spare; have wanted one for awhile.
    Plus, it's new even. YAY!
    I've had a lot of luck buying refurbs from woot, but have also heard some horror stories; so this being new really sold me on trying it.
    Now when I get it in my greedy little hands, I can come here and drive people nuts with questions.
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