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    Hi gang,

    My TP Touchstone has stopped working. Is there a way for me to test it.?

    Here's my scenario:

    TS was left plugged in for a week. With nothing in it [wasn't shorted by any objects]. [No children, pets, ninjas...]

    Wall plug is dead. TS not working with spare wall plug. [ok, spare did manage one blink of charge on TP, then, no charge. Worried that I might short my last wall plug, I stopped]

    TP charges with spare wall plug through USB. [TS's wall plug no]

    TP went through airport Xray that week. TS has never been to airport.

    Cable on TS is in excellent condition. No kinks or nicks.

    My thoughts:

    TS shorted out by itself causing wall plug to fail ?

    What do I need for warranty ? Box and receipt are likely gone.
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    check the wall plug for the TS, see if it is twisted tightly?
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    Thinking backwards, how about trying to charge another device using the TP charger? I think the extra current the TP gets is through device request, so if your other USB device doesn't ask for the extra current, the charger wouldn't provide it.
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    That's too bad, they were expensive. Are they easy to find these days?

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