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    so I purchased the
    Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger for HP TouchPad from the accessory site but it does not work! Anyone else try this car charger?
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    Please see this thread for all you ever wanted to know about a Car Adapter for our beloved TouchPad.
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    Chances are ( I didn't look it up) it's a 1.0 amp charger. I have a similar charger for my phone. Depending on what your usage is, you can still charge your TouchPad, albeit slowly. Just plug in your TouchPad, turn the screen off, and let it sit idle for awhile, and it should start taking a charge. To check how quickly(slowly) it's charging, open up Govnah, and look under the heading Battery Current. If it's red(negative), then it's draining, if it's green(positive) then it's charging. I can have Music Player Remix playing through 3.5mm and still take on a charge with the screen off, and if I turn the brightness down to a bare minimum, I can surf, and still take on a bit of charge.
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