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    Just back from BB. I was looking for a decent tablet. Maybe 7 or 8 inches. Or, I could have been persuaded of the ipad 3. The display just rocks.

    None of the tablets I considered was available. Not even the Playbook. Felt the money burning a hole. Almost considered to just grab an Ipad 2.


    I thought: Damn, the ipad is biiig. But then, all the Android offerings are just not my cup of tea OS wise. Also, nothing in the warehouse left of the few devices I felt like trying.

    Back to the ipad 2. Moving to the Kindle.....Nah.....

    Finally, I remembered. Didn't I buy 2 TouchPads during firesale? One, I had given my wife who uses it daily without much fuss. The other one, nib, I wanted to sell one day.

    Left BB with all my money still in the pocket. Arrived at home. Got the TP out of its hide away. Turned it on. Restored my account. So easy. One minute, two minutes, surfing, streaming......I'm in heaven. No other tablet OS is soooo convenient to use. I love my iphone. But webos is just so more convenient.....Forget the app store. HP got all I need. And then, there is openwebos in the future. I'm so glad I didn't spend money on the current state of tablets when I had a nice one waiting for me to finally unwrap it.

    Having fun....
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    My thoughts exactly , I love webOS :-)
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    Cool story. Thanks for posting. The only reason I have a tablet of any sort is because of the fireside sale. Now, I do not think I could get by without a tablet.
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    I have Touchpad with Android too, but webos has all i need by default and the preware patches have fixed most issues (arrow keys for keyboard is brilliant), I play with android CM9 just to try anothe OS ,and lot of games from play store, but for most things i boot back to webos.

    just wish FB and skype would update there webos apps, as the android versions have overtaken webos versions.but i doubt they will until open source gets it on a lot more devices.

    Love webos its so slick, and I know opensource will make it even better with all the wish list being added.
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    I have Android on my TP, too, but the only thing I switch over to it for is the Evernote app--which caches notes for offline editing without having to go premium. Very nice.

    But all my other daily apps are so much better in WebOS.
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    Same here..after using several Android tablets and phones before coming to webOS, I can't think of using any other device. Love my Touchpad and pre 2.
    Pre 2, TouchPad 32
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    I shared this story in a different thread a few months ago, but its worth repeating here.

    I have an iPod Touch 4th generation that I had been using daily for several months when I got a TP in the original firesale. I set the TP up for my wife as a digital photo frame with 2600 photos of our cats, played a bit with the patches and the OS and then left it to her and forgot about it.

    Several months go by.

    Recently, I wanted to install some new program on the TP for my wife so I picked up the TP and figured I could probably muddle through the system and maybe figure out how to do everything again. I could always refer to the documentation if I got stuck and forgot how to do something. I should be able to get the new program installed at least.

    I turned the TouchPad on and went touch, swipe, tap tap, swipe. It was shockingly intuitive and natural for me even after months away from it and having only worked with it a couple days at that time. I did not have to figure anything out and it just seemed to flow much better than the iPod OS.

    Now I have my own TP also that I use daily. I still use the iPod Touch and I often find myself trying to close apps by swiping up from the bottom. Sure, there are annoyances and quirks with webOS, but they sure got SOMETHING right somehow. Somehow webOS makes intuitive sense to my brain.
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    For me, it is about the openness of the device. No locked down bootloader - yay! No need to buy content from a proprietary locked down DRM riddled "store" - yay! Cheap to acquire but with middle weight hardware capabilities (on a par with ipad 2 IIRC - yay!

    I'm a developer by trade, and I want to own ("pwn") my machine, that I paid money for. This is it.

    That said, I have not actually got it yet, but I have high hopes for attaining gadget nirvana with this one! Having bought and returned an iPad 2, then an iPad 3, then a PlayBook (don't get me started!!) I think I have good grounds for forming an opinion... I'll let you know how I get on with it.
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    Well, mine arrived this morning (32GB WiFi) and - so far - I am quite impressed for the money. 160 is not a lot for this sort of device (and it has a cover included - was a second hand eBay purchase). I'm using the HP keyboard as I type this and it's working fine. I did scratch my head a bit about the launch process. For example, I wanted to turn on Bluetooth for the keyboard, so I went into settings and tapped the Bluetooth icon. It lit up, then... nothing. It had launched, but strangely it does not come to the foreground automatically. I think this is rather odd behaviour - is there a setting that can make it come up immediately, without me having to get to the card view?
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    Swipe down from the top right hand corner and tap Bluetooth.

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