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    I have an HP Touchpad running 3.0.5, dual booted with CM9 and I'm having a problem with Webos. When I go in to Webos, and plug it in to my PC and select USB mode, the touchpad gets the USB logo on the screen, and then locks up. Though there doesnít seem to be any way to get the touchpad out of USB mode, the volume buttons still make sound, and I can take a screen shot when I hit the top button and the home button, but nothing else so itís not 100% locked up, but itís unable to ever become usable. The PC doesn't see a USB drive, but it does show the touchpad as plugged in and a drive letter pops up, but it's inaccessible. HP Play recognizes the device, but says there is no space on it. . I have to do a hard reboot on the touchpad to get it to work again, it never will exit when i eject the device and take the cable out.

    My girlfriend has the exact same setup on her touchpad and it works fine on my pc, so it's not the cable, or windows (7 x64 by the way.) It was working up until about 2 days ago, when some app updates came through and the touchpad started running incredibly slow and seemed to lock up. Since then, Iíve had this USB drive problem, but no other problems at all with Webos. Any idea as to how to get things back to normal? Any help is most appreciated!
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    It sounds to me like one of the system directories is full. Sorry I can't be of more help right now. Search the site for people complaining that they can't install apps due to free space errors, even though they have loads of free space. Maybe that will have useful information.

    Good luck.
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    PNG, believe it or not your lack of help solved my problem. Your mention of the lack of space lead me to check out the "device options" section to see how much space I had on the drive, and it showed there was plenty. But that then lead me to check the advanced options and found the option to erase the USB drive and it's contents. After erasing it and booting back in to WebOS, all was back to normal! So thanks for your non help, I probably wouldnt have figured it out without it!

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