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    So, I have a bit of a n00b question but here goes...

    There's an app I want which I can find listed on the HP webOS applications site on my desktop browser, here's the link:

    I bought this app when I had my Pre, but now my Pre is dead and the only webOS device I have is my TP. Only thing is, if I follow that link on my Touchpad, it opens the app catalog to a page that says this application is not available for my model.

    I've sent the dev a few emails to see if they'll consider releasing the app into the TP app catalog but they haven't responded.

    Is there anyway to get access to this app? Impostah? App tuckerbox?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    If you've already purchased it, you should be able to get it through Tuckerbox.
    How do I do that? I can see the app in Preware, but if I click install it just opens the app catalog and says "This app is not available for your model".
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    It's pretty simple actually.

    Open Preware, type in "App TuckerBox"
    Download/Install it
    Open it, follow the prompts.(Registering your device, and acknowledging what's going on)
    Re-open Preware, go to Preferences, and check off the two boxes that are mentioned during set up of App TuckerBox.
    Turn on the correct feeds, Palm Catalog I believe.
    Update Feeds, again, once updated, you should see somewhere around 9,000 applications available.
    All free apps are available, but only the paid apps that you've actually paid for are available.

    See this thread for more details:
    and here's the wiki:
    Application:AppTuckerbox - WebOS Internals
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