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    So after getting a touchpad at launch and loving it. I returned it after HP discontinued it, then was unsuccessful in getting a fire sale TP. I've been patiently waiting and watching for one to come up. So a few days ago I found one for 230, its a 32gb lightly used with CM9 and a HP case. Got it today and I'm so glad I finally got one!! CM9 is pretty awesome it runs suprisingly fast and smooth.and webOS is just as great as I remember!!!!!
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    Welcome back! Some new-ish things you might want to check out.

    WiFi File Sharing in Preware. No host client required to send back and forth to PC.
    Song ID similar to Shazam $5 been a long time coming.
    Tweet Viewer, notification pop up window, that will track a topic or user, hopefully it gets expanded to timeline. I just found that one yesterday.
    DoodlePad seems to work for note taking type of app, haven't used it much but it's kind of neat.
    if you haven't tried Time Lapse Maker, it is pretty cool on the TouchPad. Huge battery and memory can take a lot of shots.
    Free Twitter Project Macaw, is pretty cool in Preware.
    TouchVol, better sound control
    Pulse Audio for disappearing audio, both in Preware.

    Just some neat ideas for you. Sms mirroring is pretty cool to if you can set it up.
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    thanks for the apps, helps newbies like me too
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