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    Ok, I went to turn on my TP today, and it was having issues. It finally booted into usb mode, and I plugged it into my computer, but wosqi wouldnt detect it. I tried the Dr, and it connected and completed, but now all it dies is blinks the backlight on the lcd. Did I kill it?? And any ideas on recovery? Tried the 3.04 dr, but it doesnt seem to ndetect anything. help?
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    Hold power and center, and after the screen goes dark, immediately hold power and up. That will put the TP in USB Mode, if the bootloader is still intact. Then you can run webOS Doctor.
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    At this point I beleive I need to use my warranty. No button combination does anything, and it doesnt seem to charge. Guess I'll see how well that works. Thanks anyway.
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    You need to hold the power and home buttons for about 30 seconds.
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