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    I'm looking for a Cloud service that I can use to stream my music that'll work in both webOS and CM9 A2.

    I have a account but can't seem to get to actually stream the music. It just downloads it, then 'streams' it from the TP internal storage.

    I tried this: but couldn't seem to get it going. When I click the link I email to my self it just opens a folder view of my account.

    I must admit, this whole streaming music seems to be pretty hard in the UK as we can't access Google Muisc or Amazon Cloud Drive as far as I can gather.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks guys.
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    I dont know if this will help you but I use Mp3Dragon and you can build a playlist and then stream it, You can also download if you have advanced browser.
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    Thanks guys. I've just had a go with Orb. Can't seem to get it going. Does it work over LAN or only over the internet?

    I just keep getting an error when I try and play something.

    EDIT: Scratch that. I've done. I'd forgot to enable flash in Orb Settings.
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