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    Let me say up front that I'm a complete noob when it comes to software related problems, so I hope that you will keep that in mind with your suggestions, if any. When I got my Touch pad sometime in Oct. 2011, I was easily able to access the web site and view their program guide. However, several weeks ago when I went to their web site I was redirected to a new screen that said, in essence, "We may not work well with your browser. We have detected that the browser you are using is not fully supported by our web site."

    Option - 1 They then suggest that I switch to another browser listing Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.
    I tried that and got some kind of error message.

    Option - 2 They offer ''Continue on to Comcast anyway."
    When I continue on, I can still navigate the program guide, but the DVR manager requires that I sign in
    to utilize its functions. When I attempt to sign in I am redirected back to the ''We may not work well
    with your browser'' screen.

    I only use the Touch pad browser for web surfing and this is the ONLY web site that has given me any problem. I would really like to be able to use the Touch pad to remotely program my DVR. This problem is strange in that before this new notice window started popping up, I was able to sign in. I welcome your suggestions.

    Sorry, I neglected to mention that I have the 32 gigabyte running webos version 3.0.5.
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    I can't really help you, just wanted to say I've had the exact same thing happen to me.
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    Sites restrict access to mobile devices.

    1) There is a hulu patch you can apply which will fool Comcast into thinking you are one of the supported browsers. If you use the patch, you will need to learn how to uninstall at will as you will not be able to buy apps from the HP catalogue with the patch installed (the hp catalogue will not realize you are a webOS browser).

    As a test, I installed the hulu patch and was able to get to the sign on page without any messages about an unsupported browser but am not a comcast subscriber so did not log in.

    For the hulu patch, you have to go to this link below for the instructions on how to install but don't use the patch in that link as it is for 3.04 and we have already updated to 3.05. You will have to copy the instructions and download the 3.05 patch (the link for 3.02 patch is also in the thread below).

    2) You can also access the comcast page if you have ubuntu linux installed (use the version of firefox with ubuntu).

    (Neither of these are *****-proof ways for a novice but much better than saying you don't have access at all. Spent some time with ipad this week and was shocked at how locked down it is, was no easy way to get to a website I wanted when the website decided that it was not supporting IOS.)
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    with the hulu patch I was still unable to get my sign in to stick. Was trying to stream xfinity stuff not manage DVR. I was able to stream stuff that didn't require login...
    when itried a month or so ago that is...
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    The best solution I have found is to use the Splashtop Streamer suite of apps.

    Under this scenario (which requires you to purchase Splashtop from the App Catalog), you then use the streamer to access your PC, which is what is really browsing the Xfinity site. This also works remotely when you are outside of your house, but requires solid bandwidth all around.
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    I've never gotten the Comcast/Xfinity website to load successfully with Palm or HP webOS device. All my iPhone and Android friends laugh-n-smile at me with glee. (true story)

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