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    Hi, so I'm running a 16GB model with around 9.5GB free under 3.0.5, with UberKernel-93 clocked @ 1.836GHz and I have the normal stock of patches like Muffle System Logging, etc. that are recommended in the sticky post in this forum.

    What I notice a lot is that when I load a web page, nothing too complex, say HotUKDeals - Deals, Discounts & Voucher Codes, then start scrolling down the page, albeit pretty swift gesture, I keep getting swathes of white/grey checkerboard, like the graphics is having a hard job keeping up filling the screen. This is with no other apps open - surely I'm not strapped for memory with 1GB on board? And surely if the OS is paging to the 9.5GB free, it's paging to NAND not a mechanical HDD, so should be super fast?

    Am I missing something here?

    Does a performance monitor other than Govnah exist that could show memory usage/swapping in more detail? A bit like the Windows 7 Resource Monitor? btw, Govnah is showing 787 / 53 MB when I do this sort of thing, for what its worth.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks...

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    I went to the link and it was very smooth for me. I have the Enyo and Mojo smooth scrolling and the Disk Cache Mod patches installed. I also have a fast internet connection...20 Mbps. Not sure if that also makes a difference.
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    Mine's smooth. 32GB, WarthogKernel 1.7GHz, with Buttah and Unthrottle Download Manager patches. Try scrolling after the page completely loads, and maybe reboot once in a while.
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    If you don't wait until it has the entire page loaded and ready to render, that's what you'll get. That's what webKit does - on every platform. Some of them replace the half-transparent checkerboard pattern, but everything webkit based does that to some degree or another. Amusingly, if you load sites that have problems like that on iOS, it'll load much faster, but if you have any other tabs open in the browser, it will nuke them all and force them to reload next time you flip to them, because of the amount of memory it takes to render it.
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    thanks for the prompt replies everyone...

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