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    Hello to all of you.
    would you please help me,my HP Tablet wont charge,i did change the cable few times and also reset with bottom off swith and volume and still show picture the battery with (?) inside,i have my family pictures and video.please helpppppppppppppp meeeeeee,Thanks to all of you.
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    A question mark for the battery? That's new. I think I've seen it in the webOS Doctor archive, and I believe it means that the battery is missing. That should only be possible on a phone. Could you post a picture?
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    Agreed.... if you could post a picture of what you are seeing on the screen, it would be helpful.
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    hello to all of you
    here the problem i have on my Hp tablet,i try to charge and it show this picture,i did change few time the cable and reset with bottom off switch and hold volume for 30 second and sitll show battery pictures with (?) inside the tablet,i have lot of family pictures and video,anyone can help me please.thanks to all of you, <<email removed by staff>>
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    <threads merged> OP, no need to start a new thread.

    First question... are you using the charging cable and circular adapter that came in the box with the device, or are you plugging it into a computer's USB port for charging?

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