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    One of my favourite rock stations is x rock in SD.
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    but it won't work with tune in radio player. It just hangs and says buffering. Any thoughts. Other stations play ok, just not this one so far....
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    probably uses a streaming format thats unsupported.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    I'm pretty certain if it's listed and you can tap the radio station to launch the player, then it's a supported format. It'd be irresponsible to allow people to tap on stations with unsupported formats.
    shoutcast's website shows everything, and it doesnt care what you have installed player wise, and they have a mix of MP3/AAC/etc streams, not going to be much different elsewhere, also most apps tend to support whatever their OS's can utilise/give them access too as standard, not every OS comes with every audio/video/etc standard ready to use.

    Same applies to tablets/phones in general, remember, for example we enjoy flash whereas others "as standard" do not, are other tablet manufacturers "irresponsible" for not allowing this general standard?.
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    It used to work with my veer and my old tp but since I had it replaced for the cracked hasn't worked with Tune In just the browser.
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    if it doesnt work on any webOS device you have currently but did previously, perhaps the format changed in the process of getting your touchpad back? Would be easier to confirm something strange if there was a failure on 1 device but worked on another.

    Maybe scouring through the /var/log/messages file in internalz for an error related to that app may shed some light?

    I also note the link you provided errors on me saying it cant be found, also when i checked Shoutcast there are 2 stations with X Rock in their name, is it...

    X Rock 80 - Total Rock


    Rock X Stream - ElectricDeeJay


    if so just use Internet Radio Pro or similar to play the shoutcast stream.

    i searched for it here might be what your after, or not, but you never know.
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    If a station isn't working in our app, then use the contact information to contact technical support. On occasion, a station will change their streaming server address. These generally get updated once a week but it can take awhile for our system to get through all of the stations and sometimes, they have to be manually entered into our database. Also, sometimes the streaming server for the station will just be down. We don't have any control over this seeing as we don't stream anything directly from our systems. We only direct people to the station's individual stream that they control.

    TuneIn restricts specifically to mp3 and aac. The app does not do WMA stations. You'll see "station restricted" or "not supported" by stations that are not supported and these stations are not clickable in the app.

    That said, I'll see if there is an issue with the stream that we have in our system for XRock.

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