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    I tried my HTC phone headphones (with one button) and found out that pressing the button will play/skip to next song. I must note that htc phone headphones are different than nokia/sony (the 2 ground connections are switched) so I don't know about those.
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    Cool, but this bring up a question that I've been thinking about. Which headphones are compatible with the Pre line? Some manufacturers have the some marked Ipod compatible and some marked Android compatible. Are either of these two useful on the Pre or is it yet another standard?
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    i just tried the headphones that came with my htc sensation (three button) and the play/pause button works, but the skip buttons did nothing.

    i played with various button press combinations and managed to get it to skip to the next song however then i couldn't hear anything.
    the track was playing but i'd lost audio.
    the pause/play button still works, but i haven't been able to get it to skip a track again.

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