anyone else experiencing this?
sms and phone pairing will work fine for a while. then, usually after 24 hours or so, TP and pre connect as usual, but when send sms it has the 'caution' error triangle come up and stays grey, and when try to call a message comes up 'unable to connect to voice profile or phone not connected' (it is connected). rebooting the TP does nothing, but rebooting the pre3 fixes the problem.
interestingly, if i had tried to send a txt 4 times from the TP and deleted them all and restarted the TP first (with none showing up on the pre3), all 4 still send on restart of the pre3.
TP is 3.0.5, pre3 is 2.2.4 and have preware and multiple patches on both (if think that may make a difference)