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    New thing on my TouchPad tonight. It was sitting on the Touchstone as usual. I went to check my email, and noticed that the WiFi connection was cycling on and off and it couldn't connect, even though it was only 3 feet from the router. I turned it off and on again to reboot, and that fixed the WiFi. But when I turned it on, before the HP logo appeared, I saw on the screen a large white rectangle with a ? symbol inside. I've never seen that before! What does it mean??

    It looked something like this:
    | ? !
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    If it's a battery with a question mark then it could mean warranty service, at least it did for me. Search the forum for battery with question mark and you should find several threads with things to try to fix the problem, but for me the only fix was sending to HP for repair. Hope this helps.
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    Yes, it probably was a battery symbol. But the battery is fine. It's charging normally on the Touchstone and holding charge just fine in routine operation off the charger. I hope it was just a momentary glitch.
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    I've had that crop up a couple of times too.. no panic!
    Reckon HP still have a glitchy firmware for the battery sensing & charging system.
    Try to keep the unit above the 20% charge mark.

    Or there again, maybe incoming Solar Flares are about to cause all TPs to implode randomly!

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