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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmPixi_User23 View Post
    Ever since I've gotten myself the HP Touchpad(during the Firesale), always wanted to try overclock my tablet HP Touchpad device with the processor speed of 1.5GHZ. The only thing that really makes me not want to do that, is that maybe the battery life on my HP touchpad will suffer dramatically. Specially the battery life on the HP TouchPad doesn't seem that great to begin with, putting a faster clocking speed on processor will probably eat the battery away quickly. But I seen a lot of YouTube videos that shows, some big improvements when it comes to opening applications and performance. So tempted to overclock my TouchPad, to see the speed difference but I fear that it could somehow damage my TouchPad.

    However, I never found myself quite that interested in installing on Touchpad specially the preware software on my tablet device. Since I'm not a expert in hacking things, I always tended to stir away from things(like jailbreaking) that I have no knowledge about.
    I have had mine overclocked (straight out of the box in July) to 1.8GHz . I leave my house at 4:30 AM and still have battery life at 6PM. (Light surfing, email, twitter, and Music Player Remix on all day).

    You don't need to be an expert, you just need to know how to read. The process is relatively simple, and the forums are full of people that will lend a hand, if need be.

    I recommend reading the above two threads, the second one by ncinerate is pretty detailed, and gives good suggestions as to which patches to apply for greater performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    I have had mine overclocked (straight out of the box in July) to 1.8GHz . I leave my house at 4:30 AM and still have battery life at 6PM. (Light surfing, email, twitter, and Music Player Remix on all day).
    Me too, besides the MPR on all day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    For personal use, I'm still not convinced by tablets - after I sell my touchpad, I might get a ipad3 simply to see if I get more use out of it. Nine times out of ten even when at home, I was reaching for laptop rather than my touchpad - it mostly sat under the coffee table.
    Well i can see a use for it for certain personal things. Like i'm a novice guitar player but i have amassed tons and tons of sheet music on my computer in pdf form. I'd love to load that into a tablet app like ibooks or something that reads pdfs. Then i could use it like a digital ebook of all my sheet music. I have amplitube on my computer; or i did. It's amplifier modeling software. I could use that or garage band to practice guitar. And there is quite a bit of music creation software i'd like to have at like Akai recording studio. I used to dj hip hop a lot and i wouldn't mind trying some of the digital tools for beat creation. I could have used it to watch movies on the plane. there are times i'd take it somewhere like a coffee shop or even on vacation over a laptop. But at the moment i can't spare the money. I have way more important stuff to buy. Like tires for my car lol.

    But for work i have to write a lot thus type a lot . So traditional desktop publishing is important. I may need to write hundreds of pages where i'll need to adjust formatting and copy and past often. I need a real keyboard, and desktop applications. Tablet apps just don't cut it. So for serious work i need a laptop. I even have an after market keyboard and monitor that i use with my laptop at home cause it's easier to type really fast. A tablet would be more for personal stuff but it's not a priority for me.
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    I feel like you could have gotten more.
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