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    HP sent me a replacement touchpad. When I got it I Booted it up it goes to the HP logo and does nothing. The hp logo doesn't pulsate or anything; the home button doesn't light up either. Sometimes it shuts down and restarts to the Hp LOGO again without me doing anything. I have tried All the button combos. I can get a hard reset, but it does nothing and I can get it to go to the USB mode, and plug it into the computer, but it doesn't show up as anything more than a bootie device which I cannot access.
    I called HP and they are saying it is defective and needs to be replaced. This will be my 4th time trying. Anyone have any advice.
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    Have installed any other OS's on your device? I had this problem after installing Arch Linux. I found a solution but it required using Bootie to push a uImage to the TouchPad enabling you to connect with the Linux core.

    I then had recreate the file system and flash with the doctor. I can refer you to the guide to do this, but it would be at your own risk.

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    No.. this was unable to boot straight from the repair place. I sent it back to them.

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