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    I have been having a minor issue with my TP. Once it is on for a few hours or so my email accounts are no longer there, and my history/favorite links are missing in the browser. Once I restart it goes back to normal, but after a little while they disappear again.

    I can manually enter web addresses and go to any website, but for some odd reason my favorites/history disappear.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

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    The same thing has been happening to me too. A restart fixes it for a few hours, but it doesn't last.
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    Me too. Except that all my accounts still seem to be there, I get notifications (sometimes,) but when I go to mail, every pane except the accounts pane is blank. All the history/bookmarks are missing from the browser. a reboot fixes it, but not for very long.
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    Another clue is that when this happens, and I try to use preware, it gets stuck on the screen that says checking device type.
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    I have 4 Touchpads...One of them have this behavior.

    Mail (gmail) folder and the picture folder are empty...after a reboot everything is back to normal.

    It's my daughter Touchpad I don't know when the behavior start. She got the habit to shutdown her Touchpad as a workaround. So because of the slow boot she use the PC to look at email now... Sad.
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    Is some type of virus causing this, same is happening to my TP, no android installed yet, the emails do not show up and it says no internet connection and if you try to search using the stock internet search it will not do anything, going into an app like touchsurf and connecting to the internet and emails will connect but at first it comes up with no internet connection but then in the backround you can see it connecting then the no internet connection screens fades? A reboot solves this for awhile, don't know how long but after it sits for awhile the problem is back, thinking about doing a complete erase.
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    I have the same issue. I also cant use calendar, preware, notes, contacts, HP App catalog and basically everything that needs to access my accounts.
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    There are several threads about this. It is not a new problem and it isn't a virus. It is somewhat random as to which TPs have the problem, what helps, if it goes away, and if it returns.
    The only thing that is sure is doing a "device restart" will fix it for at least a day.

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