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    whenever I tap on my Facebook notifications it doesn't take me to the notification, it just takes me back to the news feed. Anyone else having this problem?
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    I had that problem last night, but after tapping it a couple of times, I got my notifications.
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    dammit I'm still having the same problem, every time I click in a notification it doesn't take me anywhere
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    Are you using the FB APP? I do not use it. Did not like the way it ran here.
    I logged into FB as you would on a computer. Than made a Add to Launcher icon. Works very well.
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    You're tight, they don't work right most of the time.
  6. #6 is what I use as well. However the app often messes up if private browsing is enabled I believe
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    The notifications never really worked for me. I have begun using the phone app for notifications instead. Smaller screen, but at least it works.

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