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    I finally found a way to be able to send and receive text messages on my Touchpad via iPhone. I have a jailbroken iPhone and installed WifiSMS from Cydia, gave my iPhone a "static" ip address on the network and it works. At long last, I am receiving and sending texts from the Touchpad. Also tried it using my phone as a tethered hotspot for the TP and was able to send/receive texts from/to the T/P that way, as well.
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    Nice! Gonna have to jailbreak my phone now!
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    Or go on hookt and do it like that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 74sickness View Post
    Or go on hookt and do it like that?
    I looked at the Hookt website. You have to register with Hookt and it "reads" your contact list, etc. WifiSMS, as I understand it, allows your computer/Touchpad to interface with your iPhone-- the two devices are speaking to each other, if you will, instead of speaking to a website. It feels less creepy in terms of intrusiveness. But, I am a rookie at this and not the last word.

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