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    I was looking on EBAY to see if there were any available at a "reasonable" price, and came across this listing:
    New TouchPad 32GB, Wi-Fi, 9.7in - Glossy Black | eBay
    I do not know if it is legit or not, but s/he has sold over 100 units.
    It is from China, so buyer beware.
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    yep, you're right! just look over his/her feedback score and you will find no relatively expensive lot
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    Great! Looks like they may even have 'fallen out of the back of the Factory'?

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    ok, someone, order 2 please
    If they'll arrive i'll buy 1 from you for 2x price =)
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    Looks like over 120 have been sold already. So, any of those folks here on the forums? What do you think?
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    China is probably awash with 'Tablets' but actual '$'s' going IN to China are 'valuable'.. thus the seemingly low price?

    Be embarassing for HP if it turns out they only cost $50 to make!! (Joke!).

    Could just be yet another scam too of course! 'Free' Airmail shipping?

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    Anybody dealt with fraudulent junk on ebay? How's their buyer protection work?
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    I can`t behave myself, but i can`t believe that these are real HP Touchpads. But to be honest: Which china-replica-manufacture could be so dumb to produce a product, that do not any more exits?? Or are these real Touchpads because of this?! Maybe these Touchpads are really remainder of stock from the factory who built it??

    Very curious.... and even if it`s some fake Android thing.... it`s cheap. :-)
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    well I had some money on my paypal account from a previous ebay refund so I gave it a shot. I will post the outcome either way but china stuff seems to take a couple of months or more so it will most likely be gone by then.
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    Has anyone ever seen fake HP Touchpads? Me neither, but a couple of ebay buyers wrote, that he sells fake and that the seller always mentioned that it`s real...

    curious... but i`ve never seen fake Touchpads on the web... what shell we do? Buy some?
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    With hundreds of thousands of TPs produced by the Chinese Factories.. it wouldn't be impossible for a couple of hundred units to 'go missing' here or there would it?

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    I'd be a little cautious. The feedback is all on jewelry. If you look at the other items for sale by the seller they are way too cheap too.

    New FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 3TB External USB 3.0/2.0 Hard Drive. $51.00 . Regularly about $160
    Keurig Special Edition B60 8 Cups Coffee Maker. $32.00. Regularly about $140

    Not saying it isn't legit but that raises flags for me
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    I bought one, i couldn`t resist.

    Let`s see. I bought some chinese fake earphones (but they sound fabulous, like the real one) some weeks ago. It only took about 10 days to get to me. So, maybe it just take the same time and i`ll report to you if it`s fake or not. :-)
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    I am assuming they are fake and one will not be able to create a WebOS account. I can't recall-- was creating a WebOS account necessary for full functionality?
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    well... may be they have more "stable" back covers and can be used as backcover donors at least...
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    Quote Originally Posted by r1vver View Post
    well... may be they have more "stable" back covers and can be used as backcover donors at least...
    ya, if they were smart, they would just counterfeit the backs. Put them up for $20 for $0.10 worth of material.
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    china is the king of knockoffs. Hel, some people over there make everything from fake eggs to fake milk, which poisoned a bunch of babies. I have no doubts that what these people will get will not be a touchpad. Use common sense.
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    Interesting. ripoffs in China fall into 2 categories. First, the knock offs. If these are in that category, then they will be really cheaply put together using the cheapest possible components, and probably not running webOS but some other operating system, most likely Android, as it would take a good bit of skill and connections to rip off the real webOS operating system and get it working.

    There's also the possibility that they don't even function and can only be used as a paperweight. If that happens, the scam will be they'll probably ask you to send it back, but of course the shipping costs will be the probably more than the item is worth. Some people will just write it off as a loss, saying the only spent $50 bucks, and that's where the scammer wins. Most will go to the trouble of filing a dispute with Paypal though, and in most cases Paypal will side with the buyer and give them their money back. Of course the scammer may have already withdrawn some of the money from their account by that time (it takes almost 2 weeks to ship to you, and although Paypal might place a hold on some funds they won't do it on all of the funds, so that's plenty of time for them to get some money). In that case Paypal will end up suffering the loss.

    The other category of fakes are "back door" items - products that were put together in the factory that actually makes the products for HP or whoever, either from surplus components, or are seconds that didn't pass the quality inspection. If these are either of those, then you could possibly get a deal. I doubt that highly though, as with 32GB TP's still selling for $250 on eBay, why on earth would any seller that wants to make a profit sell them at $50 and include free shipping? That means they're only getting $20 to $30 on each one, and they would have had to pay their guy at the factory something, right? So this makes no sense. Even if they stole them off a truck, they could sell them for $100 + shipping and they would still sell like hotcakes.

    Lastly, the fact that the seller has good reviews looks good, but when you read the feedback it's mostly about jewelry. That makes me wonder whether the eBay account may have been hijacked by someone else? Even if that's not the case, I notice that the 3 negatives that they received were from people complaining that the items were fake. So....maybe this is a Category 1 scam after all?

    If anyone is brave enough to risk their $50, it'd be very interesting to discover exactly what kind of scam this is...
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    you see how long it says the shipping takes? Up to 25 business days is like over a month. PayPal will only hold payment within 21 days. After that seller can withdraw funds and you may not be able to get your money back! Plus why would international shipping be free? Let along the crazy cheap price.
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    This is clearly a hijacked eBay account. I've seen this many times before. The price is so low, it causes a feeding frenzy by buyers thinking it's cheap enough to take a chance.

    There are no TPs or Android tablets. Some scammer stole the account of an established costume jewelry salesman, maybe because it had a guessable password.

    The price with free shipping would barely be enough for a TouchPad knock-off case.
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