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    I'm getting the low disk space warning?

    To conserve space, I want to remove applications that I hardly use. What is the best way to remove these apps but keep the ability to reinstall down the road?

    THANKS for any help!
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    yeah space is pretty limiting, its a shame webOS doesnt have anything like an old amigaOS program i used to have back when my first harddrive was only 20MB and sounded like a helecopter taking off, space was tight on there as well and i eventually had a program on amigaOS called EPU which could transparantly use XPK compression libraries to compress/uncompress with user configured different drives/assigns, bit like how winblows can compress folders and they turn blue in the folder list.

    Would be nice to have a similar transparant compression ability which we could use in non-essential locations, or even our application folder if desperate, im sure if ageing amigas could do it then linux/webOS could do it seeing as amigaDOS was very unixalike in some ways.

    For reference:

    Aminet - util/pack/epu14.lha

    ahh bring back the days of XPKNUKE, XPKSQSH and XPKMASH'ing all my hd space to infinity.
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    purchased apps btw can be redownloaded after their deleted, their marked against your profile so can be aquired again for free, and preware can ofc be downloaded anytime.

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