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    Is it possible? I have the Touchpad connected to my PC via the USB cable and I really have no idea what to do. I tried putting it in the DCIM of the Touchpad even though I knew it wouldn't work and sure enough, it didn't.

    So how do I transfer a .txt file from my PC to my Touchpad so I can read it on the Touchpad?

    Any and all help is much appreciated.
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    If I transfer a txt file to my TouchPad, it appears in the Documents list of QuickOffice. Doesn't really matter which folder it's in. I usually do such a small transfer via, but it's no different from doing the transfer via USB.
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    You should be able to read .txt files in Quick Office. (just read one now)

    i don't think it has to be in any specific folder, i tried looking for the location of this PlayerPrefs1.txt file that I found with Quick Office, but didn't see it.

    this is what it looked like:

    game_sound : 1 : System.Int32 ; game_total_score : 2010 : System.Int32 ; game_sence : 2 : System.Int32 ; game_highscore : 950 : System.Int32 ; item_count : 0 : System.Int32 ; game_total_tickets : 39 : System.Int32 ; game_left_tickets : 39 : System.Int32 ; game_gravity : 1 : System.Int32
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    There are several ways to transfer a .txt file. Personally, if it was a signal file to save time I would just email it to my touchpad. Save attachment and as Sledge said, quick office shouldnfind it.

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    or may be sync to dropbox......
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    Why bother with USB connections? Install tapNote on both devices. Under the covers tapNote syncs up with Dropbox, so that's very easy.
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    ya ..tapnote is awessom...i use it all the time.......
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    You can also use the homebrew Internalz Pro app to find and open/edit the TXT file. Just make sure you make Internalz Pro the default app for txt files.
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    An easy way to send a file from a PC to your TP is to use Wifi TP File Browser. When started, you press the GREEN Start Sharing button, which gives an ip address to type in a browser -- mine says

    The -easy to use- utility let you browse all TP files and UpLoad a file to the TP. I use this to move .AVI files that I plan to watch on trips.

    Start up Preware & search for should find Wifi TouchPad File Browser/Uploader. Although I use IE 8, I assume it works on any browser.

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