View Poll Results: What Factors are causing my Touchpad to create the garbled sound situation?

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  • It's just the nature of webOS 3.0.5 It happens randomly

    2 50.00%
  • It's has to do with 3.0.5 and going into standby/off/charging dock, and then it creates the issue

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  • It has to do will all the above, along with the Beats Audio tickbox 'engaged' in the sound options

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  • It has to do with something above, along with using the Preware TouchVol w/ or w/o Beats Audio on

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  • Something entirely different that I haven't mentioned above

    2 50.00%
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    So, since owning the Touchpad, I've hated the fact that I seem to randomly get sound errors after picking up an off or charging dock status TP. I always have to do a Device Restart to get the garbled sound to go away. I've seen some threads saying this is just the nature of webOS until they get it fixed with a future release, but wondering if it might be something else I missed, but didn't notice. The problem happens few and far between enough for me not to figure out what factors might be involved, but can 'guess'. I'm wondering if it's a sole issue or combination of the following: see poll

    Since everyone loves polls, I thought I'd attack creating a thread in this manner to get a few eyeballs of peeps that might know.
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    Its none of the above, this is due to the pulse audio server not being set properly for idle times and does not wake up properly when needed, thus distortion. Problem started in 3.0.4 webOS. If the pulse audio was just left on and never idles, this problem will go bye bye.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I knew/remembered that it was something like that a few months ago, but couldn't remember, if it was only one rev of the os, or still exists, or was supposed to go away or not. So, I assume it can only be on the list of things to improve for a future rev. I'll leave the poll up so if others are wondering and don't already know they can see the 'other' checkbox.

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