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    I just picked up a second-hand 16GB Touchpad and am attempting to load PreWare. I've followed instructions but hit a wall.

    After I enter the Konami code or the date code in "just type," I get an icon called "Developer Mode" (not "Developer Mode Enabler") in the "launch" field. When I tap it, nothing happens.

    This Touchpad is updated to 3.0.5 and is dual-booting Cyanogen 9 with ICS, courtesy of the previous owner. I like WebOS and want to stick with it for now, but I need to get this figured out, can anyone help?

    I've tried various searches across the forums here with no luck.


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    When you tap it you should get a Developer Mode selection page. You might have to run the webOS Doctor to reload the operating system, although given the level of modification, it is probably in Developer Mode.
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    Plug your TouchPad into your PC, run webOS Quick Install. If it connects with no error codes, Dev Mode is already enabled.
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    Guessing developer mode gets reset (turned off) when you load a new palm profile right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    Guessing developer mode gets reset (turned off) when you load a new palm profile right?
    Yep and anytime an erase is done to get to the new profile.
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