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    Just went to download this week's issue and got a warning page that Time would no longer support the TouchPad effective March. Suspect that will mean the end of SI and People too?
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    Ahh crap. I was enjoying my digital subscription. Cm 9 it is I guess.
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    I'd send a "Screw you" letter to the publisher, shrug.
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    Is this a US only app special for Time or from within Zinio?

    Just tried and it seems like its only available in the US ie their loss, when will devs learn that there is a market outside US of A too?
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    i would have bought it, if it were available in Ireland ....
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    They advertised it as free, but when you installed it, it said first three issues free. And peope gave them bad reviews over that. That's a shame about Time magazine pulling their support.
    I'll feel bad if SI gets pulled from the app cat. That swimsuit issue's got to look nice on the touchpad.

    After you have the app and have it 'converted' , really how hard is it to continue to port it? This is an insane time for the publishing industry, and you think they'd try to be plugged in to as many places as they could.

    Sales of People and Time are down (newstand sales). According to this Newsstand magazine sales keep tumbling for People, Enquirer, etc. - the biggest spike in newstand sales was........Game Informer magazine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
    Just tried and it seems like its only available in the US ie their loss, when will devs learn that there is a market outside US of A too?

    When will US COMPANIES (HP included!) learn to work with the non-US markets????

    It is one (ever smaller) World we live upon.. especially where rapid growth Digital Comms is concerned!

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    Yah it's for all 3 of the mags (I have all 3 and this really blows). I hope they come out with the beta to the Cynamogin 9 mod soon!!! Not to mention Android has a ton of more mags that are available.
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    I sent them some hate mail as well. Supposed to hear back within two days.
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    Very disappointing news, I read SI and Time on my Touchpad and will miss it.
    Zinio doesn't carry Time Inc mags so I guess I'll be putting Android on my TP in March (beta by then?) to be able to read them.
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    We all heard about the sad news that Times Magazine Inc. was pulling off support on HP TouchPad WebOS and all that pertained with the WebOS platform. I was really mad over the fact of their silliness of calling it quits, just like that after hundreds of people paid subscriptions for that magazine. Months had pass by with that sad news, and it seems that Time Inc. is moving over to the iOS platform to offer their magazine subscriptions on the newsstand on the stupid Apple application. Quite amazing those stupid people of the Times Inc. moving over to Apple's side and what about WebOS just abandoning us that's it ?

    Well, I just hope that no-one buys their stupid magazine.....I will try to send them some hate mail to them with a bit of a curse words mixed into it. I can't believe them, what difficult task was it to keep support of WebOS apps?
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    Quite amazing that Time Magazine wants exposure to the tens of millions of current and potential subscribers instead that can actually drive substantial revenue of worrying about a platform like webOS that's got just a fraction of a percent above a 1% marketshare and, as you say "hundreds of subscribers" at best.

    It's just completely unbelievable of Time to favor Apple after seeing those huge numbers coming out of webOS, isn't it?

    And just a helpful tip... Sending hate mail with "a bit of curse words mixed into it" generally gets trashed and gives a platform's fans a bad name amongst companies and developers; I know a few devs at companies that discontinued webOS support over the past year and a half, and they were left with a bad taste in their mouth after some of the emails they got and messages posted around webOS forums like this one bashing them for a completely rational business decision. Polite messages are the ones that actually produce results if there are enough of them to turn the company's head.
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    The simple fact that the TouchPad has been off the market for closing in on a year doesn't make it a viable platform for any major company at this point.

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