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    New to this forum.

    Problem: I have a touchpad that has a wierd by very annoying problem. Random click happen on the screen, making the TP completely unusable.

    History: This maybe a coincidence, but I started noticing the random clicks after I updated to webOS 3.0.5. Thinking maybe I had a virus or some bad setting, I tried to do a secure wipe and reset of the device. But the problem persisted.

    Present actions: To identify if it was a software or a hardware problem, I installed CM9 Alpha6 yesterday. The problem happens on CM9 also.

    Observations: The problem generally does not happen when the TP boots up. It generally starts after an extended period of sleep. But now the problem seems to be getting a little worse, making the TP painful to use.

    Anyone have this problem? Any ideas?
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    I've never heard of that issue with TPs but I have seen Xooms doing it. With those it was just a software reload to fix so I'd suggest try doctoring it and if that doesn't work send it in for repair. Did you install the new touchscreen drivers with CM9?

    Palm Support : Using HP webOS Doctor
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    try this, hold the touchpad with both hands in the middle of an empty place, preferably outside of a house and notice if the problem persists.
    my touchpad is very sensitive to electrostatic and I live in an old listed building that has electrical wiring from 1910s and many electrical devices that even my iphone behaves weirdly sometimes. Basically avoid electrostatic and earth it
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    There is a known problem where the glue that holds the screen in can start to let go. This can cause a problem with the contacts. I have seen a video on YouTube about it and my TP is shipping back from HP at this time because of the problem. If you hold the unit in away that causes it to twist a little, it can aggravate the problem.
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    Yup a bit more searching on the web gave me some more info. The phenomenon has been named "phantom touches". I see exactly what this video shows below. Here is the youtube video:

    Question is: Does HP handle the warranty? Do read the comments on that youtube video. Seems like HP fixed his TP and the problem came right back.

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