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    Was hoping to use the Touchpad to play music on my hifi system but noticed it got low volume out.

    Would it be possible to put my music on some kind of media server and instead use the Touchpad more like a remote to control what to play instead of acting as the source?

    What setup would you recommend using? I was thinking of copying my music to FLAC so would relly like a player that does the format and thr rest of the system some justice, any ideas?
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    I don't know if you ever heard of "Media Portal" an open source HTPC software which I been using for years with excellent results, has a bunch of plugin add ons that you can actually use your android, apple phone or tablet to use as a remote to control the "Media Portal" software.

    Maybe some dev here can port these add-on/plugs for use with "WebOS" phones & touchpad.

    Here is some links below that may help if anyone is interested in making this app for use with "WebOS" devices.

    Popular Plugins | MediaPortal Forum

    aMPdroid 1.0 - Preview Release | MediaPortal Forum

    And if anyone if interested in diving into this, which is pretty cool.....

    MPTvClient (stand alone TV client) | MediaPortal Forum

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    I have used splashtop in a similar way at times. Using it to control my pc or laptop.

    Specifically using it to remote control a pc connected to an hd tv playing Hulu.
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    BHome can act as a control point for a UPnP media server playing to a renderer, but at the moment it's only very basic (one track at a time, not a playlist). Hopefully the functionality will be extended eventually.
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    XBMC is the media server on my HTPC, using Home Control as the remote. XBMC plays nicely with PlayOn and has a decent Hulu plugin. There is a netflix plugin, but I cannot test it.

    I run Ubuntu on my HTPC with XBMC, and WinXP running PlayOn in a virtual machine. I had an old unused WinXP 64 bit cd laying around, netflix doesn't support it, but PlayOn works. PlayOn does serve up content through the browser as flash, not ideal, but functional.

    The TP has the aforementioned Home Control and also BHomePro. BHome can stream from local media through XBMC, but PlayOn content is transcoded to mpeg
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    There is a plex app in beta in the catalog. The video supported is only video supported by stock media player unlike bhome which supports touchplayer and kalemsoft.

    For playlists, I am using pogoplug software installed on my computer as the browser can be accessed via the TouchPad and can do a playlist at home or over the internet and also share with others as I bought the premium software which allows the streaming. You will have to pay for the software. had a $10 sale, otherwise you can find for around $20 on amazon. I am very satisfied with this.

    Video over the internet on pogoplug is more problematic and has not proven reliable for me although it may just need a high speed wifi connection--I will test this week while I am out of town and update my findings. The pogoplug app is no longer supported so use the browser if you go this route.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    I am using pogoplug
    Are you using your pogoplug as your HTPC? What OS do you run on it?

    How do you like it?

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