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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnetic_dud View Post
    The problem is also from Android, so it can't be a software problem

    The digitizer isn't glued to the LCD?
    I can "simply" open and replace?
    It's 1 complete unit. You can see the guide at below below site how to open the Touchpad. Basically 7-8 clips that lock the screen in place. It's not that easy to open it up but with the right tools you can do it.

    If you're afraid to open it yourself (or don't have the tools to do so) you could go to your local phone/electronics repair shop, show them the link and they can probably open it up for you for free or for a few $.

    On page 2 it shows the digitizer flat cables.

    Installing HP TouchPad Battery - iFixit

    Just disconnect them following the instructions and reconnect them.
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    The LCD and the Digitiser Screens are separate units.. each with their own cables.
    The ('BIG') Digitiser Ribbon Cable connector points may have become unseated at their board connector.. yes.
    These two screens are held together by screws.

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