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    Quote Originally Posted by ggendel View Post
    You're right. I know they were there a long time ago on the phones..
    Thanks for the info, I did some searching in optware and found adnshost in the adns package, lots of options so more complex/capable than nslookup but I was able to do what I wanted, for example using the below I was able to see the results of looking up google on google's nameserver so glad to have that ability for troubleshooting.

    root@touchpad: /# adnshost --config 'nameserver' -Vd

    adns debug: using nameserver
    0 5 ok 0 ok "OK" A INET A INET A INET A INET A INET
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    Testing it on another network is one of the best suggestions I've seen.

    It's absolutely a DNS issue, but the DNS issue could come from multiple places, not just from your ISP or third party DNS provider you may be using. It could be from within your own network.

    Keep in mind, there is a lot of DNS malware going around that is actually "laying dormant" for the most part, and it attacks servers as well. This could explain why only one device on your network is currently being affected.
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    Ok It was not a DNS issue.

    It was a virus.. in a way.

    I am frustrated I do not know which app was doing it, but is was a free app from the HP marketplace.

    I removed 5 free kids games app (like tile matching games).

    And the problem disappeared.

    I am 100 percent certain that one of these was purposely engineered to redirect google searches to the puma site.
    I have never installed a pirated app, and none of what I pulled out came from anyplace other than the market place.

    Naturally my frustration is i do not know which app it was and I am certainly not going to go try and re install them all to figure it out. If I could even recall all the names of them.

    So ya... beware of free apps in the HP marketplace I suppose.
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    Impostah will tell you which apps you installed.
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    I'd be curious what you removed. If there are like 5, I'd be wiling to load them up and test, to be able to warn others if nothing else. I've loaded a LOT of these type of apps and only found one app/vendor I suspected of causing random reboots but not really sure on that one probably need to go test it again. Other than that I've never had a problem.
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    So what patches do you have on your device? Have you done any modifying of the browser code? (say hulu fix for example?)

    Also as was offered above, post the 5 apps (or attempt to contact the developer directly). I would be more inclined to believe that it was an inadvertent error and not something malicious. As texasflood says above, I have seen complaints of "apps causing errors" in the app catalog. I have yet to see this come from intentional or malicious code (maybe sloppy coding or unintended conflicts).

    If you give us the list of apps, not only can we test, it is not hard to get in touch with developer relations to have them take a look at the app. Also since the apps are coded in such a way, it wouldn't be hard for lots of the folks around here to look at the code.

    In the end, if the code was intentionally malicious, it would not remove with a simple app deletion.

    From my knowledge apps that are released in the official app catalog are not aloud to modify items outside of the USB drive other than services provided in the SDK. This is why with some homebrew you end up needing to install a homebrew service to gain access to a service that then makes the homebrew app functional.
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    i belive the OP doesnt really understand much of whats being said,
    1. Apps are sandboxed so its very unlikely an app could mess with the webview/cookie/dns or any other low level OS files.

    2. Generally removing the app that caused the virus doesnt fix the problems the virus caused.
    3. the fact that hes complaining about the lack of testing and application quality seems to be hes a troll
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    Glad you got it resolved Mannybo. Wish I knew what app was suspected so I could test it. Until then I personally still trust the app catalog but either way glad it's fixed. Post back if for some reason the symptoms return.
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