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    Does anybody know the Pinout specification of the Audio out socket on the TouchPad?

    Is it a 3.5mm FOUR Pole Jack?
    ------ If Yes, What is the Pinout on the Tip, Ring1, Ring2 and Body?
    ---------- Is it Right Channel , Left Channel, Ground, Mic-In?
    ---------- Is it Left Channel, Right Channel, Mic-in, Ground?

    OR, is it a Three Pole Jack Right Channel Tip, Left Channel Ring, Body Ground?

    Is this defined somewhere in the Documentation?
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    One more related question.

    Does the TouchPad support the use of a Headset Microphone? The HP Mini series Netbooks have a Four Pole Jack allowing an external Microphone Headset to be used with an adapter. Has anybody had any success with this?
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    The Touchpad UG says "Your device works with headsets that have a 3.5mm connector (look for
    three colored bands on the plug).". So yes it supports a headset with microphone.

    1 - Left
    2 - Right
    3 - Common
    4 - Mic
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    Thanks Johncc. I'll have to find the adapter I made for my HP Mini 210 which has the same socket configuration.
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    Has anybody had any success with using a Headphone/ Microphone combination Headset?

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