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    Why on the HP Touchpad you set your regional settings, in my case UK, the settings show ús yet type and e-mail, or bringup the qwerty keyboard above the '3' its a $ sign so why have a regional setting at all?

    Anyone got any tips?
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    If you hold down the key, it will show you additional key options. My key shows six different currency symbols including dollars and pounds. Hope this helps...
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    same for the @ symbol even tho were uk its set on the number 2 key when thats where our "quote" symbol should be, the whole keyboard looks very USA regardless of regional settings.

    then again the entire device and its general setup looked like it was built for america only and the rest of the world as an afterthought, the bulk of "must have" apps were only useful for usa alone, esp video/music sites being only available in their country, then ofc theres the whole disarray of the app catalogue itsself. webOS devs must be pretty annoyed their work cant even reach paying customers on the whole.

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