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    It was suggested by HP tech to hard reset/boot a friends TP on semi reg basis. (hold power and center buttons until reboot happens. Just wanted you guys to chime in on this. Is this a good idea??? Her TP, as well as mine are both bone stock with newest HP update. I feel bad for her as she has to send it in because it is dead. And yes the ps barrel is twisted on properly and all possible reboot/set options have been tried. The tech said the maint hard rebooting every now and then could prevent a TP from going dead. (blank screen, no light on center button)
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    I can't remember where exactly I saw it, but I'm pretty sure I read Rod Whitby say that doing a hard reset should only be done when powering down the correct way doesn't work.....or stuck in USB mode etc.
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    Doing the occasional reboot is ok for any computing platform but a regualy hard reset is NEVER an acceptable option. Doing regular hard resets will NOT prevent the wakeup issues being seen with this device, that problem is being cause on a deeper level than webOS. Best strategy for that issue is to keep the battery from going too low of charge, never going below 20%.
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