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    How do you update Skype in the messaging area?
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    do you mean status? In the messaging app, tap the buddies tab, and tap status at the top.
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    no, the actual program
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    The skype service gets updated through the webOS OTA updates since it is an integrated component of webOS. It is not done through software manager nor app catalog. Whenever skype decides to update the binary for webOS, HP could release that in the next OTA update.
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    With the TP you can only interact with Skype in a few ways:
    - change your status (online, offline, busy or custom)
    - see the Skype status of other people who have a Skype entry in your Contacts list
    - send a message, and see their messages to you in the Messaging app
    - make a Skype-to-Skype or Skype-to-phone call in the Phone app

    There is no separate Skype app that allows access to other Skype settings and information (e.g., your remaining Skype credit, your call history etc.). You would have to log into Skype through the web browser to see and change account information.

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