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    So you split the screen into 4 quadrants....already been done with Custom Browser Gestures.

    Top L+R for switching cards, bottom for dual waves.....or vice versa
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    I might've used wave like 5 times in my 2 years owning a Pre-.
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    I used the wave a lot when we had the hide quick launch bar patch. But gesture area is not necessary for the wave, a third party app had wave for old palm os and I had wave on a centro.
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    My comments weren't that gestures were required, but that the card swipe is sketchy enough, not sure how it would handle also having to detect wave launcher.
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    Sounds like a challenge!!!!

    Here's to hoping all those goodies will come out this year with the Open Source project!

    Then somebody can MAKE it happen!

    Expanding on the idea....a quick flick, left or right, to switch cards, and a slow drag, left or right, for wave quadrants required!
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    i honestly never used wave except. i just hit the launcher button. In fact i once wondered if there should be a way totally disable it.
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