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    Whenever I use the "Mute sound" option it makes an annoying ringing noise. I solved this in the past by turning off system sounds. I was happy.

    Now system sounds are off but the noise is back. It's like system sounds are "half off". I have no card swiping noise but the muting noise is back along with sounds when I shut down the system.

    Any advice? This kind off stuff drives me nuts.

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    After a couple of reboots and some switching between on/off in the sound settings it seems to have gone back to normal.

    Damn you webOS, stop being so buggy :-)

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    I have yet to figure out what causes the mute sound to happen - there's something that causes it, though. It normally doesn't do it to me, but every now and then it does. Although I don't mute much lately .. hmm.
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