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    I am a new user and had this ouch problem too. Just when I had given up,I tried ejecting the drive from the administrators screen of my PC and it has worked!!! I dont know why But maybe it can help someone else figure out the problem.
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    I believe that in general you get the can't eject warning because Palm Novacom service has attached to the device and normal eject mechanism does not release it for what ever reason. The easiest thing to do is stop the service manually and then eject the device.
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    If you go to "Computer" and then right click on the attached Touchpad Drive you can "Eject" the Drive. If you then release the drive from the Taskbar icon, you can disconnect the cable without the "Ouch...." message.
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    try using this:

    Homepage -

    install and unmount/disconnect using this HP app.. it works for me..
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    Sometimes it also makes a difference which you click on - the device itself, or the parent/controller.
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