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    I've been having trouble charging my hp touchpad for the past few days, and I'm not sure if this is just me being kind of stupid (I'm kind of a noob with the touchpad), or something actually wrong with the touchpad.

    It never seems to charge fully. It always seems to stop when the battery icon is full, but it still has the lightning (charging) symbol next to it.
    I remember the touchpad having a plug symbol showing next to the battery when fully charged, similar to an ipod.
    I went to sleep, and saw the next morning that it was still charging. I figured that maybe I was remembering wrong, and maybe when it is fully charged it doesn't change to a plug symbol. So i unplugged it.
    In the next 24 hours the touchpad was drained of battery with minor use from me.

    Does anyone know if somethings wrong?

    Also if it helps I wasn't using the touchstone (I thing that's what the charger display is called...) to charge it, but a usb cable from my phone, which can work with the hp plug used for charging).
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    Nope its fine and suppose to do that.

    When the device is fully charged, the battery icon turns green with a white lightning off its right side. Also once its fully charges, a low sound notification will play.
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