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Just a guess here at the problem some people have had:

The TouchPad will not recognize the Touchstone or charge from it when the battery has been allowed to die completely. That will certainly happen within a week of non-use, even if the TouchPad is completely turned off. In that case you have to plug it in to the USB charger and wait for a while to build up a minimal charge. After a while you see the home button lights blinking, indicating that it is charging, but doesn't yet have enough power to turn on. A while longer, and the TouchPad will wake up.

Totally agree, the solution to a dead TP, is to do as Semma 2 suggested.

Another possible solution, which seems to speed up the fix, is to switch the mains charger off and on at the mains every 15 -20 mins for a number of times. It seems as if the TP goes into a deep hibernation. It also seems as if the TP doesn't recognise the charge current from the stand or the USB cable because it is protecting the TP from damage.

Switching the mains power on and off intermittently seems to perhaps send an initial charge that it accepts before closing the TP charging circuit off again. So by switching on and off a number of time it eventually lets enough power past the protection circuit to eventually enable the charging circuit again on a normal charging basis.

The TP will eventually only light up the notification LED, then the big battery charge icon will appear a little while later and then eventually the screen will come back on. HP wanted me to return mine when it happened to me and I fed this info back to them as they were not aware ths is a possible fix.

Do not send your TP back until you have tried this as it does work.


This should be a sticky.