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    Quote Originally Posted by artxxork View Post
    You can pre-render all pages in advance - and put these pre-rendered pages into cache so Adobe Reader will display them immediately ... regardless of page/file size ... if page is found in cache (/media/internal/appdata/<hash>

    It is possible to run script that will search your device for all PDF files and then render all time you open file in Adobe Reader - there will be no slow rendering, just immediate output (from cache).

    There are few people that can easily write such script...
    That can be added as an option but will take a long time to perform and take up a good amount of space too. I will look into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by filmor_ View Post
    Could you PM me the file that is not working properly? Usually that's because of a bug on my side
    I sent you the PDF file, did you get it?
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