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    I downloaded a few touchpad games and have found their performance to be not so great (not that the games are all that great). On a whim I uninstalled uberkernel and then started playing these games again. They all perform much better on stock. One game had horrible lag and frame issues (gun bros) and now it is playable. Anyone else experience this?
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    I tested gun bros with the f15c kernel I normally use, all ok here.... Perhaps you just needed a reboot and switching back to uberkernel would be ok now?
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    yes I had issues with uberkernel as well, when streaming videos the video would freeze while the sound kept playing. Once I went back to the stock kernel the problem went away.
    its a shame I loved the old uberkernel @1.7, never had any issues with that one
    edit well my issue came back, after trying to install a pat h that failed I'm getting the video freeze problem once again even on the stock kernel. But uberkernel makes it worse, with stock kernel it freezes for less than 1 second while with uberkernel the freeze lasts for multiple seconds

    edit2 argh I'm so frustrated, I'm still getting this issue even after a full wipe + doctor + creating a new webos profile (uberkernel may not be the problem,even though it seems to make it worse). I never had this problem before 3.0.5 . It may be time for me to install cm9 . I love webos but this bug is totaly unacceptable .
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