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    I'm so disappointed!!! I've had the sound distorted issue since 3.0.4. I could always fix the issue by restarting the device in 3.0.4 so it was not a big problem to me. But after updating to 3.0.5, I can never fix the sound issue. I tried all kinds of restarting, all suggested methods in the forum. I even did Full Erase with no vail. Finally, I went to webOS Doctor. After I restored it using the Doctor and TP rebooted itself, the distorted sound still persists even at the beginning of the inital configuration. seems something is corrupted in the deep inside.
    What else can i do???? Please help!!!
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    killed it huh..... Yeah... Maybe run the Dr again, a full erase is never going to fix anything. If the problem still persists and it bothers you, send it in to hp for repair.

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