View Poll Results: Which hand side is your dominanant and where did your Touchpad cracks developed?

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  • Right Handed, Crack on Right Speaker

    19 10.33%
  • Right Handed, Crack on Left Speaker

    44 23.91%
  • Right Handed, Crack on Both Speakers

    34 18.48%
  • Left Handed, Crack on Right Speaker

    5 2.72%
  • Left Handed, Crack on Left Speaker

    4 2.17%
  • Left Handed, Crack on Both Speakers

    2 1.09%
  • Ambidextrous, Crack on Right Speaker

    4 2.17%
  • Ambidextrous, Crack on Left Speaker

    1 0.54%
  • Ambidextrous, Crack on Both Speakers

    6 3.26%
  • No Cracks yet...

    65 35.33%
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    Quote Originally Posted by deltheprophet View Post
    I also have cracks in my TP. Never, ever been dropped or handled roughly. As a matter of fact, I keep it in a case and probably wouldn't have even checked for cracks had it not been for this forum. I have a crack at both speaker ports and the USB port. I have contacted HP and they are sending me a box to ship TPain back to the factory. Now, I know this is a more of me being lazy and not wanting to admit the truth, but do I have to get rid of all CM7 mods and preware patches before sending it back? Has anybody run into issues where they wouldn't repair a case due to the Touchpad being modded?
    +1, I would like to know as well. I would much rather not have to remove the patches and cm....
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    No cracks in the Touchpad after 5 months of heavy use. I agree with what was said earlier in the thread, it seems to be luck of the draw.
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    I recently purchased a touchpad (32GB loaded with Android ICS) from ebay. Initially, I was very satisfied with the purchase. The Android ICS mod runs very nicely on the TP and it is nice to have the option to boot into webos. After about two weeks of using the TP I noticed a slight crack next to the right speaker. This has become very frustrating to me.

    My questions are...

    1. Will HP allow me to return a TP purchased from Ebay?
    2. Does return require an original receit of purchase?
    3. Will the fact that my TP is modded with Android ICS be an issue for return?

    If anyone has any insight I would be grateful for feedback.

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    Well it should be ok as its still within the 1 year warrenty date regardless of when it was originally purchased. The warranty seems to stick with the device during that period even if its resold. So no receipt needed. I haven't heard anything otherwise here so far.

    If you send it in however you may want to remove the Android partition/doctor the device with WebOS so they cant later claim you voided the warranty by modifying it to install Android. This is one of the reasons I've avoided installing Android myself since I need to send my TP in for the same cracks repair as well.
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    I took about a week to get mine back , it was starting to crack down the back in two places
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    Quote Originally Posted by VasTheGreek View Post
    Let's try to see if there is a pattern on the cracking issue....
    I knew nothing about this forum. I just happened by chance to see the left side near the speaker is cracked. I thought at first it was a seem. I then took it ought of the leather case and upon further checking, found that it's also cracked by the right speaker AS WELL AS by the on/off button.. Will be calling HP tomorrow.
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