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    On My TP there is an invincible line where it won't respond at all. NEVER had this problem till now.

    I have restarted, still there.

    What should I do?
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    Open your launcher, go to Settings/Device Info. Swipe down on the top-left menu. Open up Diagnostics/ Touch Sensors and do the interactive test.
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    Still same problem.

    UGH! I mean its really bothering me....
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    Invincible, or invisible? One you can't defeat, the other you can't see.

    (But it sounds as if it is both!)
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    I am going to send it back to HP. Talked to them and they said if they can't fix it I would get another one (Referb) which I honestly would not mind.

    I am getting the box Monday and they said 7-10 business days which isn't bad.

    Hopefully all is going to be well.

    Thanks though.

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