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    is there not an HP touchpad app available to allow me to see files on my home NAS drive? I use easy netportal app for my iphone so why is it so hard with HP touchpad? I read threads that talk about kernal updates and links all over the place but for a non techie this is just confusing. Surely HP should make this straight forward???
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    2-3 proper guides on here somewhere to set it up manually or every boot.
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    exactly my point...a link to a whole page of confusing chat and zip files that don't download. Isn't there something from HP that doesn't make me trawl through all this?
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    It's easy enough to just install Enyo Network Drive Mapper (if you know how to install from ipk file using WebOS Quick Installer).

    But unfortunately it will tell you that stock WebOS does not support the file system on your NAS. You need to install Uberkernel to get that support.
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    ok, sorry but don't know how to install from ipk file and anyway when I click on link it is a zip file that isn't recognised. Are there any install instructions available?
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    My official guide, WOSQI Homebrew Guide is available at

    Though is you're in a country that doesn't support paid apps, you can probably find all the info by a little searching throughout the forums
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    It is quite interesting that, in this age of Cloud, OTA, and wireless, the only way (without changing to a warranty-unfriendly kernal) to get files from your home server to your HP Tablet is by plugging a cable into your PC and dragging them down a USB wire!

    Here is an idea for you developers, because I'm sure you have time on your hands (kidding):

    In a similar fashion to Kalemsoft media player, have a "streamer" application on the NAS/server that can stream the files to the touchpad. Not quite NAS mapping, but, whatever works? A large buffer and good MD5 checking for corruption would be desirable.

    I Know that you'd have to write it so that it could run on a number of platforms, Linux, WinOS, and the little embedded NAS OSes, but what would life be without a challenge!!!

    Or else we could just use the 50gb online storage that you get with every new Touchpad!
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    can't you just use bhome or Upnp player? both those apps in the hp catelog will allow you to browse local network drives, including playing certain video types, pictures and coping files from the device to the touchpad. no need to fuss, both apps detect most network drives.

    personally i could never get that Enyo drive mapper app to work.. never was able to find or allow me to connect/map.

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